BIKESER Cranks are the First HYBRID Pedaling Wireless Cranks in the World  that allows you change your Pedaling Type from Circular Pedaling to  HYBRID Pedaling ( Circular – Climber ) and vice versa while Pedaling.




BIKESER Cranks can be installed on Any Type of Bicycle:

– Conventional or Electrical Bikes.
– Mountain, Road or Urban Bikes.

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Whether you’re on top of the mountains, through the thick of snow or through the unpredictable urban landscape. BIKESER will change your cycling forever.


BIKESER cranks allows for Circular and HYBRID (Circular – Climber) pedaling type, offering you all the advantages of a conventional bicycle; plus, the advantage of being able to turn your bike into a Climber in seconds While Pedaling!

Effortlessly change between both pedaling types.

BIKESER cranks is a WATERPROOF and WIRELESS crankset with rechargeable batteries; so no wiring is required, and the change of pedaling type is carried out from a control that is placed on the bicycle’s handlebar .

BIKESER’s “Climber-type” is 23% to 46% More Efficient than traditional “Circular-type” pedaling! As each crank moves independently of each other.

Get more out of your BIKESER cranks with our Available Resources

BIKESER cranks avoid going through the Deadspots of Circular pedaling; which is when the pedal is in its upper and lower vertical position, which is equivalent to ±90 degrees.